Friday, July 24, 2015

Mystery .. A Temple Made by Alien? (Video)

       Kailasa Temple located at ellora caves (cave 16) 

A temple made by a single rock with what technology used is mystery . for made this structure every hour 5 ton has to remove from rock which is not possible even Today. it is the only temple in the world where a Mountain cut from the Top to create a structure. For many other Temple use "cut in" technique but this temple is completely done by opposite technique "Cut Out " is use.

Mystery according to archaeologist 400,000 ton's of rock had to be scooped out which would  taken not years but centuries of human labour.

History : 
One of the largest rock-cut ancient Hindu temples located in ElloraMaharashtraIndia. It was built in the 8th century by the Rashtrakuta king Krishna I as attested in Kannada inscriptions. This is one of the 34 temples and monasteries known collectively as the Ellora Caves.  The Kailasa (cave 16) is a remarkable example of Dravidian architecture on account of its striking proportion, elaborate workmanship, architectural content, and sculptural ornamentation of rock-cut architecture. The temple was commissioned and completed between 757-783 CE, when Krishna ruled the Rashtrakuta dynasty.  It is a megalith carved out of one single rock.
To Destroy This structure Muslim King Aurangzeb Employed 1000 workers to completely demolish this in 1682. but they could do only minimal damage in 3 years. 
finally Aurangzeb gave up to this impossible task.

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